How are our trains running?
"There is currently no train information available" means that there are no services in the next few hours.


One of the prettiest stations in West Wiltshire, with highest number of passenger journeys per head of population withing 1km in all of Wiltshire


Bradford-on-Avon Station was built many years before the railway reached the town


Formerly a major operational station, now just a pair of very busy platform with perhaps even more trains than at any time in the past


Westbury - there WAS a proposal as Serpell report option B to have Westbury at the end of a branch from Reading and close all the other lines, and indeed to close it completely in option A!

Dilton Marsh

Opened in 1937 as Dilton Marsh Halt and renamed Dilton Marsh in 1969. A request stop on local service and some long distance ones. In practise, most trains stop, and it has good prospects as many fields nearby have recently been covered in housing.


The southern tail of West Wiltshire


Closed in 1966 under the "Beeching Axe", it was re-opened with a limited service in 1985 and it then staggered along with a very limited service until 2013 when trains increased from 2 to 8 each way per day - the practical limit as the stations is on what is now a long piece of single line without passing places. An appropriate service would be hourly (16 trains) each way.